Canterbury Rugby Supporters' Club

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Canterbury Rugby


We are proud of our long and friendly occasion with the Canterbury Rugby Football Union.



Message from Hamish Riach, Chief Executive Officer of the Canterbury Rugby Union:

One of the key factors that separates Canterbury rugby from the rest is the nature of its support base, and the depth of the passion our fans display. The legend of the ‘one-eyed’ Cantabrian has been well earned over many years, and no other province in New Zealand can consistently draw on such fierce provincial patriotism as can Canterbury. It makes a big difference to the team, and has been a big part in winning us some major matches down the years. The Canterbury Rugby Supporter’s club is at the vanguard of that support base, and has been pointing the way as a rallying point for loyal Cantabrians since 1970. Its move online will only further enhance the club’s ability to rally people to the cause! Long may the support and the success – both for Canterbury rugby and the Canterbury Rugby Supporter’s Club – continue.